Construction Site Hoarding

The hoarding surrounding your site usually offers the first view of your company and development and, therefore, it is vital that it reflects the messages you wish to portray. It should be made a priority that any hoarding is of exceptionally high quality, which is where Statewide Property Services can help.

Site establishment timber hoardings are pivotal in providing protection and safety during any form of construction. Statewide Property Services specialises in providing both in-ground and TITAN Engineered Hoarding Systems that will not only mitigate your risk, but provide the latest in compliant solutions tailored to meet your budgetary requirements.

We are a market leader in offering a full range of in-ground and TITAN Engineered Hoarding Systems to the industry.

You have options with Statewide. You can hire our TITAN freestanding patented hoarding system – or purchase our in-ground hoarding outright.

We work with all industry sectors using products that comply with all relevant Australian standards and building codes. Whilst cost is a key driver behind decision making, it often results in unnecessary exposure to a high level of risk. By seeking advice from experienced professionals like Statewide Property Services, you can protect yourself and your company from risk.

We can provide the engineering and certification required to keep your company compliant with the latest changes in regulations as outlined by local and national authorities.

Free Standing Timber Site Hoarding

When securing a site, digging-in isn’t always an option: the ground may not be suitable due to surface material or the presence of underground utilities, or perhaps because planning permission may simply not allow for it. Our free-standing TITAN timber hoarding provides a firm foundation via above-ground support and ballast, achieving the same level of privacy, security and integrity.

A number of customisation options are available with TITAN’s free-standing timber hoarding: timber thickness can be tailored to fit the needs of your site, as can the colour of the finish – Complete with gates, doors and external lighting if required. Every site is different and timber hoarding can easily be cut to fit the specific shape of your perimeter, while taking account of factors like wind-loading and intended lifespan.

Our customer support includes a consultation and site survey to discuss your requirements, along with free professional advice. We work closely with our customers to ensure projects are successful, from initial design through to your completed and installed system.

If you are interested in getting a quote for TITAN’s Free Standing Timber Hoarding please get in touch.

In Ground Hoarding

In-ground timber hoarding has a great reputation as the most secure option for long-term installation and large construction sites.

Timber hoarding boundary systems:

  • Can be post mounted and set in concrete
  • Allow for painting in company colours and in high visibility colours, for additional safety and signage, site warnings and instructions.
  • Can incorporate both pedestrian and vehicle gates, to allow access control.
  • Use timber which is ethically sourced, to reduce environmental impact.
  • Offer a limited re-use life, so depending on site conditions, a perimeter run of timber hoarding could be used across more than one site or project, allowing value for money. However, if repeated use over a longer lifespan is required, then steel hoardings may be a more suitable alternative.

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Traffic Barriers / Lay Down Area

The Ultimate Freestanding Solution

Versatile, lightweight, easy to use and long lasting, the Freestanding Defender Barrier ticks all the boxes for efficiently protecting any work site or construction site where public protection is essential.

The defender barrier is the latest in free standing traffic barriers and is now available in Western Australia  thru Statewide Property Services. Call Statewide to discuss your next project where site boundaries need protection from traffic.

Tested to the latest crash testing standards to provide a greater level of safety and certainty when deployed in your work zone.

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    Hoarding Signage & Advertising

    We can print and install construction site hoarding, advertising hoarding, and shopfront hoarding for sites throughout Western Australia. Hoardings offer fantastic opportunities to provide information, build brand recognition and can provide an interesting and vibrant street scene whilst sites are in their development stage.
    Printing direct to a variety of materials and using different finishes we can produce bespoke high resolution hoarding graphics to fit any budget or time span. From site survey to installation, we look after it all.

    We print onto aluminium composite di-bond panels using UV cured CMYK inks with the option of white ink for darker materials. We can also add metallic or fluorescent colours by using cut vinyl which can be applied over printed panels or onto a solid black or other colours of your choice. All can be finished with flat matt or high gloss laminates and anti graffiti scruff. If you are after temporary signage we can also print direct to Corflute and have the ability to again use cut vinyl which can be applied to hoarding panels.

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