Roadside Traffic Barriers

Free Standing Defender Barrier offers a barrier system that gives you safety standards that far exceed those offered by waterfilled barriers, with deflections that are close to those offer ed by many regular high speed barrier systems without the need for water or anchors.

Optional ballast boxes are fitted to the core Defender Barrier, to give you a barrier system that requires no anchoring. In a standard work zone of 80 kph with two lanes of traffic the deflection is normalised at less than half a metre. 

This is far better than any plastic product and as good as many other heavier barriers. These barriers can be supplied with screens to protect workers and the public from worksite debris.

Free Standing Defender Barrier is tested at both 70 kph (TL2) and 100 kph (TL3) test standards. The system is ideal in areas where underground services are an issue or where there is a need to regularly move the system during the project.

Freestanding Defender Barrier

The Ultimate Freestanding Solution

Versatile, lightweight, easy to use and long lasting, the Freestanding Defender Barrier ticks all the boxes for efficiently protecting any work site or construction site where public protection is essential.

The defender barrier is the latest in free standing traffic barriers and is now available in Western Australia  thru Statewide Property Services. Call Statewide to discuss your next project where site boundaries need protection from traffic.

Tested to the latest crash testing standards to provide a greater level of safety and certainty when deployed in your work zone.

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