A single engineered impact certified hoardings and support system, designed & engineer certified to structurally support Multiple Adaptable Solutions.

The unique patented design allows for installation to ramps, stairs or uneven surfaces, internal & external use to any size or number of configurations, site needs and requirements.

The secure system supports up to 10 metres high without floor fixings of any kind.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, our products can be transported to any project site in the state.

Impact certified hoardings

Impact certified to 10 metres high.

Wind loading certified hoardings

Wind rated to 40 metres high.

TITAN Eco temporary fencing

AS 4687 Engineer Certified and patented Temporary Fencing.

Kiosk or general work zone hoarding

Engineer Certified protection for the Public from Construction or general works.

Construction portal

Provides safe passage through a construction work area.

Wind rated construction portal

Provides safe passage through a construction work area.

Escalator pit work zone

Design to protect the Public from a work zone.

1200-2400 security barrier

Provides a secure barrier with visual above 1200mm.

Dust suppression work zone

Provides the ability to enclose an area creating dust.

Crowd rated barrier

Crowd rated barrier, designed to temporarily replace balustrade.

Display wall

Designed to be placed inside of a closed tenancy to allow the area to be used as display area

Digital display wall

Designed to be placed anywhere you need to keep the public informed.

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